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Goldshield is the World’s first Alcohol-Free long-lasting shield against bacterial contamination. The Goldshield formula kills 99.99% of disease causing germs in 15 seconds, including MRSA, Norovirus, and HIV, and continues to kill for months!

The concept.

  • A potentially harmful microbe lands on the treated surface.
  • The microbe is then pulled onto the molecule by strong electrostatic forces.
  • It is then pierced and killed.
  • An analogy is “a bed of molecular nails”
    Goldshield’s technology forms a covalent bond which allows it to remain affixed to any hard or soft surface. The surface is then positively charged generated by a nitrogen molecule, which pulls in negatively charged microbes. Through a long chain carbon, this unique assembly penetrates the cytoplasmic membrane physically stabbing the cell releasing ions, denaturing proteins and causing cytoplasm to leak so the cell is then destroyed. This renders the microbe dead and incapable of any adaption.

    Goldshield GS75 (Multi-Surface Disinfectant) is ideal used in conjunction with the PURACATOR® system; By coating the internal pipe with the non-corrosive product, the development of bacterial growth is inhibited for months after the initial application!


    WhiffAway Group is widely recognised for its ability to adapt to ever changing customer needs and have pioneered a number of distinctive product categories, including Waterless Urinal Technology, Biological Solutions and Closed Systems.

    All products are designed and manufactured to a very high specification. This includes being rigorously tried and tested both in-house and by credible independent authorities.

    The Group is in the unique position of providing clients with a turnkey solution, where it mostly controls the outcome between, design, manufacture, installation, planned maintenance and reactive support. This has lead to high levels of customer satisfaction across all sectors of involvement.
    Based on stakeholder feedback, we continue developing breakthrough innovations to overcome new and existing problems. It is our in-house design and manufacturing ability, field experience and service support, which enables us to continuously identify real problems and create tangible solutions.

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    About us

    The Team at Puracator® have a vast amount of combined knowledge and experience both in engineering design and facilities management totalling 40 years in each. This knowledge and experience has enabled Puracator® to be developed to exactly meet the need, not over developed but not lacking functionality either.