How it works

Puracator has the ability to gain access to the pipework despite obstructions including ‘P’ traps, bends and ‘T’ pieces to deliver cleaning of the entire inner surface of the pipes leaving them free from obstruction and contamination thus avoiding significant replacement costs.

Cold Water Pressure Clean

Puracator will deliver through its specially designed Purascope, a pressured ‘ring’ of water at 5 bar which will both remove obstructions and remove surface contamination including any bio-film which may have formed on the inner surface of the pipework without risking damage to the joints and fittings. This cleaning process will be carried out along the length of the pipe and more importantly, over its entire inner surface leaving the pipework in a visibly clean condition

Saturated Steam

The purpose of this functionality is to ensure that in circumstances where the presence of harmful bacteria is considered both a risk and a hazard, by the process of pasteurisation, these bacteria are destroyed. This is achieved by applying saturated steam at a temperature of in excess of 80°c to the entire inner surface of the drain rendering it not only visibly clean but also clinically clean. The use of saturated steam avoids the risk of pipe distortion due to excessive heat being employed.
(MF Machine Only)


This special facility allows the introduction of products to both clean and inhibit the future growth of harmful bacteria. Where salts have developed over many months and sometimes years, a dissolving agent can be applied to the entire inner surface of the pipework to remove this troublesome result of heavy use and on occasion, mis-use. Following cleaning any enzyme or biocide treatment can also be applied to the entire inner surface of the drain to inhibit future growth and extend the period between cleaning.

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